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Thanatos could only watch as the Angel is cut down by the Vampiress Rose. He had waited thousands of years for one such as the Angel to come into the world. Using millennia of knowledge, he attempts to set right a horrible wrong or face a war that will decimate the Chosen.

Fernando, Bridget and Notus are summoned to assist Thanatos in helping the Angel, but to do so Thanatos must reveal the truth of the Angel’s origins by divulging a story never told before – the origins of the Gods.

Impaled with his own sword, by the woman he loved, the Angel hovers between the life and death. He embarks upon a journey to the past to discover the truth about himself and his connection with the white faced demons. Through the quest, the Angel discovers a threat that endangers to topple his beliefs about himself and change the Chosen forever.

“A dark, compelling thriller that will keep readers turning pages well past bedtime.”

- Kelley Armstrong,

#1 New York Times Best Selling Author